Traditional tuscan dishes

To treat yourself to an unforgettable holiday dedicated at the discover of the flavors of the traditional tuscan dishes, book at the Borgo di Colleoli Resort: surrounded by the countryside and the typical landscape of this wonderful land, will be a unique experience to taste the delicatessen that have their roots here and will be even better to take some cooking classes to bring Tuscany home with you.

The traditional tuscan dishes come from a cuisine that has simplicity as a dominant character. A simplicity, however, that is more apparent than real, as each dish is made of tasty ingredients well balanced with each other and handled following the ancient rules that you will learn in the Tuscany cooking classes you will choose to attend.

Choosing the Borgo di Colleoli Resort as a starting point for your journey through the most famous traditional tuscan dishes, you will easily get familiar with some popular flavors of the region. Among these are:

Tuscan Bread
The Tuscan bread is characterized by lack of salt. It seems that this characteristic dates from the twelfth century when, at the height of the rivalry between Pisa and Florence, Pisa blocked the trade of this precious mineral to Florence.
The importance of bread in Tuscany is evidenced by the fact that this is never thrown, but used even when it is stale. Attend, when in Tuscany, a cooking class: you will learn the secrets of the panzanella, the ribollita, the acquacotta, any of many other recipes based on this principle.

White meat and game
Chickens, turkeys, geeses, guinea fowls and pigeons along with rabbits and game such as hares, wild boars and pheasants are always part of the menu for the most important parties. The pig is also widely used, just think of the famous Tuscan salami, salted ham and the sausages.

The Florentine steak
Among the traditional dishes that have made Tuscany famous around the world we can’t forget the Florentine steak, that comes from the presence of a high-quality beef as the Chianina.

The excellence of Tuscan cuisine is recognizable in every traditional dishes: we look forward to welcome you at the Borgo di Colleoli Tuscany Resort and to give you a nice place to stay while attending the Tuscany cooking classes you will decide to attend.

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