New Year in Pisa

The deals that the Borgo di Colleoli Resort offer to spend the New Year in Pisa will give you the chance to live one of the two New Year's eves that mark the calendar of the city of the leaning tower at extremely competitive rates. Why two year-ends? Because in Pisa, as well as in China and in other states, the New Year is celebrated twice a year: not only on January 1, as in the rest of the world, but also on March 25th, according to the tradition of the ancient Maritime Republic.

According to this centuries-old tradition, the new year begins with the day of the Annunciation, nine months before Christmas and is this tradition that the Pisans want keep celebrating. If you want to participate in this special occasion and discover the charm of a different New Year in Pisa, the Borgo Colleoli Resort deals are what is right for you.

To introduce you to Pisa's New Year's eve and its celebrations, discover what awaits you here and then simply book your stay:

Beginning of the Pisan Year
It's in the heart of the city, in the Square of Miracles, where begins the New Year in Pisa: on march 25th at midday, a ray of sunlight penetrates the Duomo and hits a marble egg resting on a shelf placed on a column next to the pulpit by Giovanni Pisano. There is the moment in which the Pisan's New Year officially begins.

Historical Parade
The parade is a commemorative representation with figures and dresses reconstructed on the basis of the authentic ones, with a solemn civic, historical and triumphant choreography meant to show its enemies the greatness of the ancient Maritime Republic of Pisa.
The New Year's eve in Pisa became in last years the occasion of special openings of churches and monuments, of Spas and hotels offers and of traditional recipes served with passion in the many restaurants of the old town: you want to be the protagonist of these days? Book now at the Borgo di Colleoli Resort and live the New Year in Pisa with the deals we have prepared for you, you will not regret.

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