Carnival in Viareggio

Again this year, Italy and Tuscany are ready to celebrate the carnival. And in Tuscany, is there any biggest and most famous tradition then the Carnival in Viareggio? Book now your carnival weekend at the Borgo di Colleoli Resort taking advantage of extremely competitive rates to enjoy an event of international importance that originates from an idea born between the youth of Viareggina back in 1873.

It's in fact in that year that the among some youngs of Viareggio's high society that blossomed the idea of a parade to celebrate the carnival, outdoors, in the streets, among the people. This way was born the Carnival in Viareggio as is known today: a spectacular event that is a very worthy destination ofr a carnivel weekend in Italy.

At the beginning of the XX century then, the carriages appeared in the middle of the popular festival, along with the triumphal wagons modeled by sculptors and put together by the same carpenters and blacksmiths who could create boats destined to challenge with success the insidious waters of the oceans. Since decades the allegories offered from the carts of the Carnival in Viareggio are inspired by the events of the italian news and politics.

The Carnival is in Viareggio almost a "city clock", with everyone working and eagerly awaiting the annual transformation of the town. The whole city is celebrating and for over a month Viareggio offers, in addition to the spectacle of masked, a wide range of cultural events and popular sports.

To pay homage to this tradition, Viareggio has even created a museum of the carnival, a big complex that houses the studios where the manufacturers realize the wagons and collects original documents, sketches, posters and models that tell the glorious history of the Carnival in Viareggio.

Inside the museum you can also discover the secrets and tricks of papier mache, with educational workshops where you can try its manipulation and modeling. For information, visit the Museum website.

Book now your carnival weekend in Italy at the Borgo di Colleoli Resort: you will peacefully relax in the charming atmosphere of an ancient medieval complex and at the same time you will participate in the fascinating Carnival in Viareggio. The deals that we have prepared for you make it a chance not to be missed!

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