Il Borgo

The Borgo di Colleoli is a charming destination in the heart of Tuscany, surrounded by history and nature. Perched on the top of a hill amongst ancient olive groves, the Borgo lies between the beautiful cities of Pisa, Florence and Siena.

The original medieval castle was developed over the years to become an aristocratic villa and estate. During the 17th and 18th centuries much renovation work was carried out to the frescoes and delicate mouldings so that the Borgo eventually became an elegant country retreat. Today the estate encompasses the main villa and the surrounding farm buildings, including a hayloft, a workshop and an administrative building.

In 2003 the whole Borgo was painstakingly restored by Palummo & Pierotti Architects and Associates under the guidance of the Italian Fine Arts Commission and the property was thus transformed from a country manor into a unique, modern holiday resort. The well-appointed guest apartments are situated in the former farm buildings. Each apartment has its own individual dimensions and furnishings so that no two apartments are completely alike. All however reflect the style and the flair of Tuscany, which is so very much part of the charm of the Borgo.

The Borgo di Colleoli is the perfect venue for tasting the excellent local wine, exploring the region’s rich history, or discovering the masters of Tuscan Mannerism. In the villa at the heart of the Borgo there is a very good wine bar, which also serves breakfast, snacks and aperitifs throughout the day.

The restaurant “I Secoli” in the same building is also the ideal place to enjoy some of the sophisticated variety dishes prepared according to traditional Tuscan recipes. No matter what you decide to do, even if it is just relaxing amongst the ancient olive groves or taking a dip in one of the scenic pools, your stay at the Borgo will certainly be a memorable one!